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Resource Building materials has a large inventory of sacked products. We have everything from plastic cement to silica sand, and we are able to get anything you may need to complete your masonry project!

Stucco +


With our dedicated staff of knowledgeable employees, Merlex offers the finest stucco products, paired with superior service and reliability!

Cement +

Riverside Portland Cement

Riverside Portland

Riverside Plastic Cement

Riverside Plastic

We Also Carry:

  • Quickcrete Cement
  • Lehigh White

Mortar +

Sacked Goods

Star Non-Shrink Grout

Sacked Goods

Orco Blended Type S (Caramel)

Sacked Goods

Orco Blended Type S (Khaki)

We Also Carry:

  • Basalite Type S Tan
  • Basalite Type S Grey
  • Spec Mix Type S Tan
  • Spec Mix Type S Grey

Veneer Bonding Mortar +

We Also Carry:

  • Basalite Poly Modified
  • Basalite Stone Veneer
  • Spec Mix Poly Modified
  • Spec Mix Stone Veneer

Concrete Mix +

We Also Carry:

  • Sackrete
  • Quikrete

Paver Sand +


*Resource Exclusive

Gator Dust Sand

Gator Dust

Sacked Goods

Technisoil Ultramix Colored Joint Sands

We Also Carry:

  • Gillibrand 12, 16, 20, 30, 60, 90
  • Gator Super Sand

Thinset +

C-Cure Thinset Gray

C-Cure Gray

C-Cure Thinset White

C-Cure White

Chalk +

We Also Carry:

  • Marble White

Specialty +

Sacked Goods


Sacked Goods

Star Premier Plug

Sacked Goods

Large Salt

We Also Carry:

  • Star Masonry Coating
  • Fire Clay
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Luminite
  • Dolowhite

Construction Aggregates +


16 Silica Sand


20 Silica Sand


30 Silica Sand


60 Silica Sand


90 Silica Sand

Decorative Rock

Don't see what you're looking for? No problem! Give the store closest to you a call and we can get you what you need. Click here for store contact information.

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