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Golf Products +

Top Dressing

The material is a medium to coarse sand meeting USGA specifications and is used to top dress golf greens and sports fields to allow a balance of drainage during rain or help hold in moisture with a drought soil. Top dressing helps prevent compaction and allows for root growth.

Plaster Sand

Smaller in top size gradation than concrete sand, this product is well graded and a less expensive way to top dress your field preventing compaction and allowing root growth.

Baseball Products +

Stadium Blend Infield Mix

This mix consists of 2 mil Cinder sand and screened clay (same clay used in the Oakland Coliseum). This is an elite blend that is used throughout Northern California on Collegiate, High School, Little League and Park and Rec Fields. The most common blends are a 70/30 for recreation use or a 60/40 for collegiate or high school.

Diamond Pro Calcined Clay Professional

The Professional grade is a cleaner product with a more consistent, uniformed particle size that is used on the skinned area of baseball and softball infields to improve drainage. It will not stick to cleats and is easily incorporated into the infield.

Diamond Pro Calcined Clay Drying Agent

A calcined clay product used to quickly dry puddled water and muddy conditions. The finer gradation has more surface area to dry the field faster, reducing the impact and chance of rain delays. It will not stick to cleats and is easily incorporated into the infield.

Ballyard Clay

Ballyard Clay is a manufactured blend of clay, interlocking soil particles, and Stabilizer. No longer will your mound turn to mud. This stabilized mound clay is designed to manage moisture for you, it remains stable during rain events and holds onto water longer in dry periods.

Hilltopper Mound Mix

Hilltopper Clay replaces needed moisture content with patented polymer technology. This eliminates the need for water and the variability that occurs from water. Simply spread and tamp right out of the bag. The Hilltopper Clay will shed water and keep you playing throughout rain, snow, or drought.

Mound Bricks

Compacted, unfired, and moist clay bricks are a simple and economical way to build or repair a pitcher's mound or batter's box.

Warning Track

We blend our 3/8” Minus Red Cinder with 20% clay. It not only looks great but allows for enough water absorption for longevity and durability.

Tools +

Professional Nail Drag

This field drag will condition a 6' wide path in one pass. Designed to break up dirt or cinders on the baseball field or track. With sharpened and hardened steel cutting teeth down, it tears up the dirt. With angle iron down, it levels the playing surface. Features forty-six 4-1/2" teeth. The teeth are staggered with 3" gaps and can easily be replaced when worn. A heavy duty chain trails the unit to break up dirt clumps. Recommended to be pulled by a tractor.

Krylon Industrial Field Striper

Striping athletic fields is much more efficient with the proper athletic field striper machine. The Krylon inverted field striping machine has wheels that make it easy to use on dirt, grass and gravel.

Krylon Aerosol Field Marking Paint

Perfect for marking all types of athletic fields. This is the system most clubs choose because it's easy to use and there is no clean up time involved.

  • Highly pigmented formulas fortified with optical brighteners
  • Crisp, sharp stripes for eye catching lines that pop under stadium lighting
  • Won't harm grass or stunt its growth

Chalk Marble White 200

Perfect for marking all types of athletic fields. Non-toxic, non-burning, and harmless to soil and turf. 50lb bag /56 per pallet.

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