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Resource Building materials has a large inventory of sacked products. We have everything from plastic cement to silica sand, and we are able to get anything you may need to complete your masonry project!

Stucco +


Omega Products is the leading stucco manufacturer in the United States. Their extensive product lines include high performance cementitious and acrylic base coats and finishes. Product quality and the best service in the industry have made them the professional’s choice for over 40 years.

Cement +

Cimsa Cement

Cimsa White Cement

Colton High Early Cement

Colton High Early

Colton Plastic Cement

Colton Plastic

Colton Portland Cement

Colton Portland

Riverside Portland Cement

Riverside Portland

Riverside Plastic Cement

Riverside Plastic

Mortar +

ORCO Blended

ORCO Blended

Rapid Set Early

Rapid Set

Spec Mix Cement

Spec Mix

All available in grey, tan, & special order colors.

Veneer Bonding Mortar +

ORCO Blended Veneer Bonding Mortar

ORCO Blended

Veneer Bonding Mortar

VBM 300

Veneer Bonding Mortar

VBM 500

Concrete Mix +

Rapid Set Concrete Mix

Rapid Set

Sir Mix Concrete Mix

Concrete Mix (60lb. & 90lb.)

Concrete Mix Hi Spec 4500 (60lb. & 90lb.)

Concrete Mix Hi Spec 4500 (60lb. & 90lb.)

Paver Sand +

Gator Dust Sand

Gator Dust


*Resource Exclusive

Techniseal Poly Sand

Techniseal Poly

Thinset +

C-Cure Thinset Gray

C-Cure Gray

C-Cure Thinset White

C-Cure White

ORCO Blended

ORCO Blended

Thinset 917 Poly Modified (Gray & Tan)

Thinset 917 Poly Modified (Gray & Tan)

VBM Bond

Specialty +

Rapid Set Cement

Rapid Set Cement All

Marblemix Ultra Chalk

Marblemix Ultra Chalk (Athletic Field Chalk)

We Also Carry:

  • Poly Foam
  • Rapid Set Grout
  • Wall Mud
  • Salt
  • Fireclay
  • Lime
  • Pool Sand
  • Orco Poly Water Stop
  • Scratch N' Brown
  • Self-Leveling

Construction Aggregates +


16 Silica Sand


20 Silica Sand


30 Silica Sand


60 Silica Sand


90 Silica Sand

Decorative Rock

Don't see what you're looking for? No problem! Give the store closest to you a call and we can get you what you need. Click here for store contact information.

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